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Re: Hyperlinks are not enough!

> material to be found by following the link. A synopsis
> is NOT a quotation and you violate no copyrights by
> summarizing in your own words.

While it's on my mind...

I know Garrett doesn't want people sending entire articles for the copyright
issues that come into play.

However...IMHO...I don't think any copyrights are violated when someone
forwards an article to a discussion list like this. This is just a modern
day equivalent of something that is done everyday and no one exerts their
copyright claims.   Just as no one seems to care when someone within a
company xeroxes an interesting article and sends a paper copy to his/her
staff...i.e..the old "read & route" practice.

Also, many companies will take articles that appear in the paper about their
product and industry and include them with their sales packets.  And they do
so openly.

Quite often when I see an article of interest to a group (social or
fraternal) that *I* belong to...I will xerox a number of copies...and give
them to everyone involved.

In all of the above practices, I have never seen anyone complain about
copyright infringement.

This list is just a modern day equivilent of a 'club' that comes together
with common interest.

I think where the copyright holder complains and exerts his/her copyright is
when something is mass produced so as to dilute the value of the instrument
of origin.....or to use it in some sort of commercial purpose.

Although I repect the moderators privilige, right and opinion.

Just adding my $.02.


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