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Re: First time on the air

On 14 May 2001,  Donna Halper wrote:

> At the risk of seeming like a party-pooper, my first time on the air was a 
> lot different from most of the guys who replied.  Because I grew up at a 
> time when top-40 was a white male preserve (no offence), when I innocently 
> tried to follow my childhood dream and get on the air at my college 
> station, I was told they didn't put "girls" on the air.  

Gee, Donna, you should have gone to UMass.  WMUA had women on the air 
quite often.  I have heard that at some point, they didn't want women to 
do the news, but they certainly had women doing various other on-air work. 
 There may still have been some discrimination that, being male, I was 
unaware of, but it doesn't sound as bad as what you had at Northeastern.

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