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Re: WEEI gets a ton of publicity

WEEI re-aired the McNamara interview about 6:15 pm
last night. She said several times that she hated
the Dennis and Callahan show but she also hated the
fact that she was being censored by the Globe and that
this was the second time they had killed one of her
columns for content issues.

McNamara said something along the lines of: "The Globe
is owned by the N.Y. Times, which also owns the
Worcester Telegram. Does this mean the Telegram's
sports writers can't appear on the radio? And Entercom
also owns WRKO-- does this mean that Globe writers
can't appear there?"

WBZ had, as David Brudnoy would call it, an Exciting
Hockey Game but if Bruds had been on I wonder if he
would have brought it up. And on Howie Carr (WRKO)
someone asked for his opinion on the Globe/WEEI
flap. His reply: "It's between jocksniffers and
bum-kissers-- sort of like the Iran-Iraq war...
y'know, you wish there was a way they could BOTH

--- Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> wrote:
> Well, I notice that NECN, the Phoenix on-line and of
> course WEEI itself 
> have spent large amounts of time on the censoring
> the controversy...

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