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Re: WEEI gets a ton of publicity

> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Donna Halper wrote:
> > Well, I notice that NECN, the Phoenix on-line and of course WEEI itself
> > have spent large amounts of time on the censoring (and yes this seems
> > censorship to me) of Eileen Mcnamara's column by Globe editor Matt
> > Storin.

Censorship is when the government forbids something.

This is more of a case of the boss (the editor) saying what will be in the
paper that he is charged with formulating every day.  It's not uncommon for
the editor to tell a columnist (or all of them) I want a peice on this
subject or that subject (such as an election aftermath peice)....or to say
that I think we've had TOO much coverage on this or that.

Since when do the employees tell the boss what they feel like doing for

Just my humble $.02.


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