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Re: WEEI gets a ton of publicity

Well Eileen is on shaky ground here as there is a conflict of interest.
Her husband (Peter May) is a sportswriter for the Globe and is affected by
the ban. 

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Donna Halper wrote:

> Well, I notice that NECN, the Phoenix on-line and of course WEEI itself 
> have spent large amounts of time on the censoring (and yes this seems like 
> censorship to me) of Eileen Mcnamara's column by Globe editor Matt 
> Storin.  WEEI could not have asked for more publicity if they purchased the 
> time-- I don't know if WBZ Radio carried the story (I was out of town much 
> of today)-- since WEEI is a competitor, I would be curious to know if the 
> matter was discussed on WBZ, as it certainly is a news story when a 
> newspaper arbitrarily tells its reporters where they can and cannot appear 
> as guests, and then tells  one of its star columnists not to write about 
> the controversy...