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Re: Jim Baker, WEEI, and AM 1510

Yes, after hearing before of Entercom's penny-pinching
I put forth the scenario of WEEI not renewing Arnold's
contract and it's quite possible that could happen.
If they wish to save money and don't think their
ratings would take a big hit, they could hire someone
else or promote from within (would we soon be hearing
the Jon Meterparel show? :))

(By the way, today's Globe reports that the Herald's
Jim Baker has indeed been suspended by the paper for
2 weeks for plagiarism and also that WEEI has
responded to the Globe's ban on its reporters
appearing on "Dennis and Callahan" and "The Big Show"
by banning ALL Globe personnel from the station.


I saw the bostonsportsguy.com site and saw comments
by the "boston sports guy" himself as well as many
listeners, revolving around WEEI. Many of them
expressed displeasure with the various WEEI hosts,
including Andleman (some feeling he has either "lost
it" or "never had it") and Ted Sarandis. My own take
on Ted Nation: I tried to like his show, I really
did ("intelligent sports talk" made me think he was
being portrayed as a sports fan's David Brudnoy)
but he seems (to me) a bit mean-spirited.

This includes when Ted gets a call from a teen or
kid who, for all we know, could be just as good a
caller as an adult-- some kids DO know their sports!
He tells the kid or teen to "call back in ten years"
and the tone of his voice seems condescending. 
Another host might engage the kid in conversation,
delighted that the next generation is interested in
sports too...(I've heard kids or teens call in to
Howie Carr and he seems friendlier to them. Of course
Howie probably realizes that the kid calling may be
sitting in the car with Mom or Dad and he wouldn't
want to tick off the parent who is probably a loyal

Have heard Kornheiser as well as Dan Patrick (via
tapes or on other stations while driving on trips)
and either of those ESPN hosts would be good.

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> I wouldn't be surprised if Arnold was dumped under
> such a scenario. Supposedly, he's making around
> $250,000 and Entercom has been pinching pennies
> everywhere. 

> Personally, I think Andleman is no where near as
> good as he was 10, 15 years ago. Couple that with
> the changes we've seen in the industry in recent
> years, and if he moved to 1510, I think it would
> spell disaster and the end of his career.

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