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RE: Expos need miracle to air in English

On 26 Mar 2001, at 9:40, Peter Murray wrote:

> Well, Casper, WY is the smallest market listed at www.rronline.com, at
> market #283. It has a 12+ listener base of just over 50,000, with
> surveys in February and August.

True.  But Arbitron does not measure every metro over 50,000.  A 
quick check of US Census figures shows many metros larger than 
Casper that don't get rated.  

Arbitron chooses and often manipulates the markets it rates, to make 
money.  If the business from metro Glens Falls, NY doesn't finance a 
survey, then they'll overlook Glens Falls, which is twice as big as 
Casper in the US Census figures.

We'll see the US Virgin Islands or Guam in the ratings when Arbitron 
thinks they can make money, not because they're as big as Casper.