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RE: Expos need miracle to air in English

Well, Casper, WY is the smallest market listed at www.rronline.com, at
market #283. It has a 12+ listener base of just over 50,000, with
surveys in February and August.

-Peter Murray (N3IXY/1)
Arlington Heights, MA

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Subject: RE: Expos need miracle to air in English

How many # of markets does Arbitron monitor? (down to how low rated a
market?)Maybe the US Virgin Islands don't show because of the population
size. "A bridie" is telling me the population is in the 100 to 200
range... I may get the chance to visit there again this summer. Or at
sail by. Home of religious station "WGOD"... call sign is as good as it
for the format. Got an ID of them buried somewhere in a sea of tape
other British/US Virgin Island airchecks.

Ron Gitschier
On the road; Chesapeake Bay

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Subject: Re: Expos need miracle to air in English

Marc Laurence wrote:
>>...Althought Montreal is a large metro that would
place close to top 10 if it were in the US...<<

  i was wondering about the inclusion of foreign markets
and stations in Arbitron's ratings.  i know that out-of
-country signals have often shown up in the ratings for
cities/markets on the borders, such as Detroit and San
Diego.  but does anyone know if Arbitron has any future
plans to include more markets outside of the United
States? i was actually very surprised to see that
Puerto Rico is now Market #13. (as noted by the market
size chart at AllAccess)  is the inclusion of the
island due to its status as a territory?  and if so,
why are the Virgin Islands or Guam not rated?

- -Chuck Igo