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Re: Expos need miracle to air in English

Marc Laurence wrote:
>>...Althought Montreal is a large metro that would
place close to top 10 if it were in the US...<<

  i was wondering about the inclusion of foreign markets
and stations in Arbitron's ratings.  i know that out-of
-country signals have often shown up in the ratings for
cities/markets on the borders, such as Detroit and San
Diego.  but does anyone know if Arbitron has any future
plans to include more markets outside of the United 
States? i was actually very surprised to see that 
Puerto Rico is now Market #13. (as noted by the market 
size chart at AllAccess)  is the inclusion of the 
island due to its status as a territory?  and if so, 
why are the Virgin Islands or Guam not rated?

- -Chuck Igo