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Re: Cape Cod Changes?

The service you are thinking about is the "DRE Network" which was based out of
WDRE (now WLIR) on Long Island.  The owners of WDRE, Jarad Broadcasting, also
owned several other stations, including 98.5 in Eastern Long Island, WIBF (now
WPHI) in suburban Philadelphia and 96.7 (now WDCD) near Albany.  DRE's
gold-heavy alternative format simulcasted on all the frequencies.  Jarad
syndicated the format to other stations as well, which included 93.5 and 101.1
on the Cape.

The network changed direction in 1995 when they debuted the "Underground
Network" which was more current-oriented and grungy.  The "UN" was a colossal
flop and most stations, including the Cape stations, dropped the service. The
flagship station, WDRE wound up grabbing the call letters of it's eastern Long
Island station and relaunched as WLIR (the original call letters of the station
when it was one of the first alternative outlets back in the 80's.) The
Philadelphia station continued on as a locally programmed alternative outlet
until Jarad sold it off to Radio One. Albany was sold as well and today WLIR
simulcasts only on 98.5 (now WDRE.)

Mike Thomas

Mike_ed wrote:

> Actually, not only do I remember that but for a while they were getting off
> a satellite this awesome WBRU-like station from Philadelphia that was
> playing a ton of 80's alternative stuff that I hope Z-100 in Providence can
> incorporate eventually into their format.