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Re: Cape Cod Changes?

Since I live between Harwich and Mashpee, I just had it on both stations and
both still used the WYST and KJ 101 id's.  As far as actual staffing
changes, I don't know because honestly unless there's a Red Sox or Bruins
game, I only listen to KJ 101 sometimes and the other not at all.  Although
it wouldn't surprise me if there were changes because both stations ratings
leave a lot to be desired.  Sorry I couldn't help more.

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Subject: Cape Cod Changes?

> Those other trade publications are reporting a host of staffing
> changes at Boch's Cape Cod stations -- and along with it, two
> call changes: WYST 93.5 to WDVT (an old Philly call!) and WWKJ
> 101.1 to WTWV.  Anyone close enough to Harwich Port and Mashpee to
> hear what these stations are up to?
> -s