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Re: W69AQ W46CS is history...

I used to get W69AQ pretty good with a regular antenna even if it was going
a different way..


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On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 04:19:43 -0800 (PST) Peter George
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> Channel 69 (W69AQ) was on the air in the Greater
> Springfield area from 1977 until around 1982.

When I worked at WAQY/WACKY 102 during those years, I went up to provin
Mountain one time with our Chief Engineer.  We went to the closet... er,
room that the WAQY transmitter was in.  There was a box about the size of
a small refrigerator in the room.  I asked what it was... the answer...
the Channel 69 TX!  I was told they used it for carrying Bruins and Red
Sox games that they didn't wanna carry on the big 22 signal.  I don't
believe it was well known to have existed:  I don't recall TV listings
for it or anything.

-Rick Kelly
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