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NPR Station "For Sale?"

<<On Sun, 18 Mar 2001 16:05:27 -0500 (EST), lglavin@lycosmail.com said:

> WJHU-FM in Baltimore (88.1 10KW Dir Ant) is for sale
> because Johns (the extra 's' is for savings?) Hopkins
> U. had lost interest in operating it.

Johns Hopkins was a Quaker; his family followed tradition by giving
him an ancestor's surname as his given name.

> Now I know that the Balt/Wash corridor is replete with non-coms, but
> this is no 10-watt fleapower.

When I was at Hopkins (eleven years ago now), WJHU was operated by the
Peabody Conservatory of Music as a mostly-classical station, and I
think its transmitter was located at Peabody on Charles St. downtown.
Nobody I knew listened to the station (my roommate listened to WIYY
and I listened to WBSB and WWMX).

WJHU has a broad, deep null to the southwest, protecting co-channel
WJTM in Frederick, and shallow nulls to the northeast protecting
WPVI at 87.75 and to the east (probably just symmetry).

Meanwhile, just 40 miles down the road, you have grandfathered
superpower NPR flagships WAMU (88.5) and WETA (90.9).  I find it hard
to imagine that anyone would even try to run a traditional public
radio outlet with that sort of competition.  (The nearest adjacent
Baltimore signal to WETA is WBJC on 91.5, followed by Towson State's
WTMD on 89.7.)