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Inside Track Gets Susan Bickelhaupt/Clea Simon Disease

I actually don't look at the Boston Herald's "Inside
Track" very often.  Not that I'm opposed to gossip...
I read the Globe's "Names and Feces" almost every day.
Today, I was perusing yesterday's Herald (03/16)
and a the headline about the Kelts being dropped from
WEEI caught my eye.  It was more of the boilerplate
about the NBA's Boston franchise being unhappy with 
the way they're being treated bt the folks at 850 AM.
Olde stuff.  But Fee and Paposa seem to have contracted
Bickelhaulpt/Simon disease...the story ended with the
theory that the games could end up on 96.FM WTKK
or WNRB-AM.  I know that 1on 1 Sports is almost 
literally that: a talk show host and 1 listener,
but the change to WWZN has been a feta accompli
as they say in Greece for a few weeks. C'mon ladies...
get your fax straight!

Laurence Glavin

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