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Re: Inside Track Gets Susan Bickelhaupt/Clea Simon Disease

>Laurence Glavin wrote:
>the story ended with the
>theory that the games could end up on 96.FM WTKK
>or WNRB-AM.  I know that 1on 1 Sports is almost
>literally that: a talk show host and 1 listener,
>but the change to WWZN has been a feta accompli
>as they say in Greece for a few weeks. C'mon ladies...
>get your fax straight!

        In this case I have to give them a little bit of a break. These
stations waste money on filing fees changing their call letters like normal
people change their socks, when the listeners don't know or care about the
calls except on stations like WBZ or WBCN that don't change them twice a
year. Sometimes the FCC website doesn't even keep up. Listeners know to set
the dial to 1510. Just on speculation, I would doubt the owner bothered to
tell the newspapers about the change of calls. Spent too much money on
filing fees to afford a press release.