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Has anyone seen this?  This is an old issue...wondering if anyone knows what
to make of this publication....and/or the publisher.


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October 2000
Volume 4 Number 5
Edited & Published by Keith Snow

*LYLE is THE MAN at Talk America Network
*Harrison sells TALKERS MAGAZINE
*Joe Martelle Looking for Gig
*Laquidara- -Oedipus' view
*News & Views
*Your Emails

* Neil Chayet, the man who looks at the law on WBZ (1030 am) and CBS
around the country, is now available on the internet at MyCounsel.com. The
25-year radio veteran is making his archive of over 5000 hours of talk
available at the site. His ninety second featurettes are always insightful
and humorous. A special "Looking at the Law" section will be available next
month at MyCounsel.com.

*John Shanahan, a very funny guy who hosted a feature called, "Well, I'll be
Damned" on the Ron Nelson Peterson Show on the old WMSX, now is making his
archives available at PMPNetwork.com, Mark Snyder's site. Snyder, of course,
was also on (is it defunct yet?) WMSX. Any connection, boys?

*The man who started Talk America Network (with the late John Crohan and
others) Tom Star is no longer running the place. Star, who recently went
through a painful divorce with wife Andrea ("Share Your Thoughts") Star,
found himself ousted in a coup from his vice-president Paul Lyle. Lyle,
brought in to replace the late Crohan, immediately ingratiated himself with
T.A.M.'s board, and shortly-after became CEO. Star, who did not make many
friends in the industry with his abrasive style, was selling time on the
network last time we heard. Can anyone say falling Star?

*Mike Harrison, another abrasive individual, whose magazine TALKERS featured
the same people (all his pals) every month, has sold the magazine. The
buyers are the folks behind the syndicated Senior Focus radio show. Carol
Marks, the CEO of Focus Communications, Inc., which acquired Talkers, will
keep Harrison in charge of the Magazine, as well as the broadcast show,
is co-hosted by Marks and Dale Callahan. Talkers needed to get more modern,
with more internet radio and internet content talk coverage. Other than the
lovely Kim Commando, they ignore internet radio. This deal should make the
magazine even more old-fashioned, from this reporter's perspective.

*Joe Martelle, our old pal from WROR's "Joe and Andy" show, writes: "Came
across your top 25 list. Out of sight and out of mind holds true. I was on
radio for 25 years in Boston, ten with my famous partner Andrew Q. Moes.
Andy and I had lots of fun and our show was blessed to be consistently rated
in the top 1, 2 or 3 in morning drive.
For 13 years, I am proud to say, I created the most successful oldies show
the history of Boston radio, "Saturday Night Live at the Oldies" on the
original WROR (94.5). Congrats to everyone on your list- -it was great
reading about many of my old friends.
I am now available, after two years of hosting morning drive in Houston at
Oldies 94.5 (now 107.5). I'd love to return to my Boston roots and next year
have a shot at making your top 25!"
The word is out. Joe was a major talent and star here- -someone should bring
him back. I'll be glad to give you his email address if you need it, PD's!

*WMEX (1060 am)has yet to make a splash. They now call themselves WMEX.COM
at every ID. Good idea to plug the web site, but it is really amateur hour.
Content is from Boston.citysearch.com, Fox News, and Boston Business
 There is not much else. Aside from Gene Burns, their on-air crew is
pathetic. Marjorie Clapprood is like a fingernail on chalkboard; Upton Bell
is well-versed in sports, and lost without production and his (lame) guests.
They air Dr. Joy Browne at noon. She's as boring as Dr. Laura, but has less
audience appeal. The station registers under 1.0 in all time slots and has
done virtually no promotions. It's sad. Boston really needed another voice.
 WTKK (96.9 fm) is not the answer. But Jay Severin is better than anyone on
WMEX (besides Burns). The Track Gals are self-promoting pap, and Imus is on
his way out the door, creatively. Even Al Bore dissed him. For an FM
signal, owned by a powerful radio company (Greater Boston Radio Group), they
are truly wasting resources with inferior talent. Makes you wonder if Paula
O'Connor really knows how to build a powerful station. Doesn't look it.
Meanwhile, WRKO (680 am) still has only Howie Carr going for it. And his act
is getting tired. Kramer & McCarthy after Carr is a good show. I actually
enjoy it most of the time.

Our last report in June included a report we had heard about WODS going
 Well, we got an avalanche of mail from folks telling us we were had on that
one. And they were probably correct. John Morgan, Program Director of WODS
(103.3 fm) wrote us: "Going talk? I don't know if someone at Boston Radio
News is eating wild mushrooms, but Get Real!". Jerry Decker writes: "Maybe
you should use a Spanish-English dictionary next time you talk to cleaning
crews during your evening shifts".

On the departure of Charles Laquidara, Oedipus (Program Director of his
former station, WBCN 104.1 fm) writes: "Charles is one of the great voices
Boston radio. He gave me my first opportunity at WBCN and has been a
influence and a treasured friend. We've been through much together, and we
are truly brothers-in-arms. I can't wait to visit him in Maui, Keith!"

And Charles Laquidara writes: "I'm not actually retiring. Broadcasting
(even on the internet) is still work! My 140 pound pot-bellied pigs are in
Florida. They've been "retired" there for six years. I believe I was
tricked when I bought them from a now defunct pet store lady. Thanks for all
your support, Keith! You are going to be wrong in your Tai prediction. He
was very cool and knowledgeable and good enough on WFNX to be sought after
Oedipus and WBCN a while ago. Bet you a mai-tai and an AHI dinner at Mama's
Fish House you're going to lose on that one!" Charles, you're on! And
Bill Bogle agrees with you, "Lighten up on Tai, Keith! When he was doing
mornings on WFNX his talent was obvious. I hope your prediction is wrong. He
is a funny guy and deserves airtime in this market". We'll see how long he
lasts. His comedian sidekick is holding him up.


Dear Keith: My name is Mike Morin. I currently host MORIN IN THE MORNING on
106.3 WHOB in New Hampshire.

Dear Mike: That's nice to know.

Keith: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gary Sohmers from "Calling All
Collectors" Saturdays from 10 am to noon on WMEX. The program is talk radio
about collecting, including expert opinions of price and value. I also do TV
for PBS. I'm always looking for more audience, and publicity, of course.
you have a chance to listen and enjoy it.

Dear Gary: Let me please introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth & taste. The
only thing that WMEX is collecting, is abysmal ratings! Haven't had a chance
to catch your show, but good luck!

Condolences to the Fairbanks family. Richard Fairbanks died during the
summer. He was the former owner of WKOX (1200 am) and WVBF (105.7 fm) in
Framingham (which was previously WKOX-FM). He named the new station after
his wife, Virginia B. Fairbanks. He was a good man who will be missed!

See you soon.....write me about anything in radio (radioratin@aol.com)
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