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Fwd: Re: R. Landry leaving

 ---- you wrote: 
> What is it with you and WCRB? 
He's also on the Board of Directors of Harvard's 
W-H-RB, until Lawrence Summers hears "Hillbilly at Harvard"
and sells the outlet to WFNX.
You can't even get the names of people who
> work there right! _ROB_ Landry, who has already corrected members of this
> list who called him Ron, will not be pleased.

Correctimundo...just a momentary brain f*rt while wondering
whether 30 inches of snow can melt or wash away without
flooding my basement.  My cat won't go down there when it's
wet and the box is in the basement.

Anyway, to make the matter a complete misapprehension,
the lady's name is Landy, not Landry.  The Robster has
a relative in the radio industry named John with the
ABC Network...possibly responsible from the Drudge

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