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Re: R. Landry leaving

What is it with you and WCRB? You can't even get the names of people who
work there right! _ROB_ Landry, who has already corrected members of this
list who called him Ron, will not be pleased. There was a DJ named Ron
Landry who worked at WBZ years ago. In fact, that Landry later became the
Landry of the comedy team Hudson and Landry, who were well known for their
comedy records (Ajax Liquor Store is probably the best-known cut). Hudson
and Landry worked in radio in LA, though I don't know on which station. And
Hudson (_Bob_ Hudson, if I recall) later came to Boston--he was "Emperor"
Hudson on the WITS incarnation of 1510. Hudson is dead. I think _Ron_ Landry
is still living, though I have no idea whether he is still working in radio,
and if he is, where.


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>The New York Daily Gnus reports that Rona Landry,
>VP at WTJM 105.1 FM and WLTW 106.7 FM in New York
>City is leaving.  Any relation to OUR
>Ron Landry?
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