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Re: owners and their political views (was: Boston radio's pizza connection)

Very good segue Donna!!!

As for owners pushing political views...when I was at WHTB, it was well
known among staffers that at least one of the owners were major supporters
of the sitting mayor.  To the Brothers Karam's credit - they never
personally came to either the talk hosts or the newsroom to favor the
current admin.  We were told however that if we were to take the city admin
to the carpet that we'd better have it right.  More than a few times, Bob
Karam would push that point home by mentioning it to the host/newsperson who
might have been taking the Mayor to task on an issue, by simply saying
something like "Make sure you get it right..." - but NEVER told us to back
off a story, or a talk show topic because of his affiliation with the
mayor...just get it right.  From my understanding, he (Bob Karam) took heat
on occasion from the Mayor because we were getting it right - and Karam (to
his credit) stood up for his station and staff.

Once again, a couple of the greatest owners in radio - Bob and Jim Karam.

Marc Lemay