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RE: Re: Subchannels. Text. Audio.

A couple of other area FM's that use RDS:

WHEB 100.3 Portsmouth
WPRO-FM 92.3 Providence
WHYN-FM 93.1 Springfield
WDRC-FM 102.9 Hartford
WPLR 99.1 New Haven
WZRT 97.1 Rutland, VT
WAMC 90.3 Albany, NY (TX on Mt Greylock, Adams, MA).

Also I think WERS uses it , but I forgot to see if they do or not.

Unfortunatley the Radio Shack DX398 has two major problems with it. First,
it only displays one "page" of RDS. So if there is more data than just the
call sign, you won't see it with the radio. Second, the FM tuner really
stinks. Its adjacent channel rejection is terrible (it has the rejection
equivelant to a walkman), and sensitivity isn't anything to be thrilled of

(Owner of a DX398)