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RE: Re: Subchannels. Text. Audio.

At 02:22 AM 3/1/2001 -0500, you wrote:

Here's my list from two years ago:

Freq.     Station     RDS Indication
-----     -------     --------------

88.9      WERS        "WERS"
92.9      WBOS        "WBOS-FM"
96.9      WTKK        "FM-TALK"
104.9     WBOQ        "WBACH"
105.7     WROR        "WROR-FM"
106.7     WMJX        "WMJX-FM"

I think I missed WGIR-FM in there.  WERS uses it, as you thought.

>Unfortunatley the Radio Shack DX398 has two major problems with it. First,
>it only displays one "page" of RDS. So if there is more data than just the
>call sign, you won't see it with the radio. Second, the FM tuner really

Some friends of mine contacted Sangean, but we were never able to get a
straight answer from them;  they claim their RDS implementation "reads
everything", but I suspect you are more correct and the radio only reads
the first page.

The other problem with the radio besides RDS and the tuner is its lack of
an FM antenna input.

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