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Re: Expanded band query...?

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 04:05:09 -0500 Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>Last night I was picking up a station blasting in here on 1650AM.  Would
>anyone know what station this might be?  (I am continually amazed that
>stations in this band do so well with only 1Kw...and omnidriectional too.)

Now that you mention it, I was picking up a station, which I believe was on 
1650 here in Hyde Park, NY playing adult standards last night. And wouldn't 
you know it, I heard the call letters mentioned last night, didn't write 
them down, and now I can't remember what they were.

>If I am correct...stations in the expanded AM band are simulcasts of
>sdaytimers in the normal band, right?

I believe so, but when I heard this station identify itself, it identified 
as 1650 W---, with no mention of another frequency at all. I'm gonna hit the 
FCC database right now to see if I can find it listed there, I would 
remember the call letters if I saw them.

                                 Matt Osborne
                                 Hyde Park, NY
                                 (formerly of Rochester)
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