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Re: WNSH (was re:reduced power)

Yes, the tower was near the movie theater complex
in Danvers (currently Hollywood Hits Theatres),
near the former studio location on Needham St. just
off Endicott St.

--- Dan Strassberg <Dan.Strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> When 1570 in Beverley (can't remember all of the
> calls, WBVD, WMLO, WNSH,
> weren't there others?) transmitted from its original
> site, which was visible
> from 128, the station used two towers. 

I think Keating Willcox owns both stations and it's
possible much of their syndie talk programs are
the same so maybe he wouldn't mind higher power
on WNSH; since he also owns the station whose
contour they may be invading?

> the FCC might well grant
> a "temporary" authorization for the Beverley station
> to operate with 500W
> ND, and then let the temporary operation continue
> for years--or even
> decades.
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> Subject: Re: WNSH (was re:reduced power)
> >
> >When I was there ('92/'93) the power was reduced
> >to either 250 w. or 125 w. (probably 125 w.) and
> >I wondered if they would eventually get back to
> >500 w.
> >
> >It has probably been 125 w. all this time.

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