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Re: WNSH (was re:reduced power)

When 1570 in Beverley (can't remember all of the calls, WBVD, WMLO, WNSH,
weren't there others?) transmitted from its original site, which was visible
from 128, the station used two towers. The DA protected co-channel (and now
co-owned) WPEP, Taunton and pretty well kept the signal away from Boston,
where, without the DA, the signal would have been quite audible because of
the salt water path most of the way. The original power was, I think, 500W
and, if memory serves, was later increased to 1 kW.

After the TX was destroyed, I think the power was reduced to about 100W ND
from a very short (actually non-conforming) stick, which, I'm told, carried
a significant top-load (to increase its electrical height). This operation
was covered by a special temporary authorization, and has gone on for many
years. Another local station currently running under STA is WSRO in

The Beverley station has, for some time now, held a CP to move to the
Endicott College campus and to increase power--I think to 1 kW-D and 500W-N
using a four-tower DA. If the DA has not been built but the move is taking
place anyhow, the power should still be quite a bit less than 500W. Even
though the station that Beverley protects (WPEP) is now co-owned, the FCC
would not knowingly license a facility that caused it interference within
its protected contours, and a 500W ND co-channel station operating from the
North Shore would cause such interference. However, the FCC might well grant
a "temporary" authorization for the Beverley station to operate with 500W
ND, and then let the temporary operation continue for years--or even


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>When I was there ('92/'93) the power was reduced
>to either 250 w. or 125 w. (probably 125 w.) and
>I wondered if they would eventually get back to
>500 w.
>It has probably been 125 w. all this time.