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Re: WNSH (was re:reduced power)

I was at WNSH around '92 or '93 doing an all Kinks
show on Sunday nights (more recently I have filled
in for their Sat night 6-8 pm local rock show). At
that time the studios were in the second floor of the
hardware warehouse (Hamilton) with the transmitter on
top. Now their studios are in some sort of student
union building at Endicott and, again, I guess the new
stick will be somewhere on the Endicott campus.

When I was there ('92/'93) the power was reduced
to either 250 w. or 125 w. (probably 125 w.) and
I wondered if they would eventually get back to
500 w.

It has probably been 125 w. all this time.

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> After their transmitter fire several years ago, my
> understanding was that they never ended up going
> back to full-fledged power (500 watts). 

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