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Re: Reduced power outlets (has one disappeared?)

I have also had problems taping LTAR or other WJIB
programming (am in Beverly). Usually there's
interference with my living room stereo so I use a
portable boom box in my kitchen, but the signal has
been very weak/ soft lately. (Once I tuned in about
10:50 am and heard LTAR was already on! Then I
realized it was picking up WJTO-- and WJTO at that
point sounded louder than WJIB does now...)

Then I start heading toward Salem to do my own
radio show and it's tough hearing WJIB on the way;
weak signal, especially near high-wires...

> On 27 Feb 2001,  Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
You are right, 
> > WJIB-740 has a transmission problem that 2 top
> area engineers have not 
> > figured out yet. Effects daytime, not nighttime
> coverage

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