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Re: Reduced power outlets (has one disappeared?)

On 27 Feb 2001,  Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> That may very well be quite correct.   Every tech person I know seems to have 
> 10 or more clients, which could translate to 30 stations.   You are right, 
> WJIB-740 has a transmission problem that 2 top area engineers have not 
> figured out yet. Effects daytime, not nighttime coverage.   This has gone on 
> longer than usual, as...... as stated..... not enough tech people in radio 
> anymore.

I thought something was going on.  In recent weeks, when I've set the 
timer on my tapedeck to tape LTAR, the reception on Sunday morning has 
been rather bad.  At least on my stereo, which is what's equipped for 
automatic taping.  It seems to come in reasonably well on other radios.

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