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Re: Reduced power outlets (has one disappeared?)

I've noticed that, ever since, the Clear Channel 
purchase, WKOX has been barely audible in Arlington. It 
seems far-fetched that this could be part of some 
convoluted plot to demonstrate the need for move to 
Newton and increase to 50 kW. Maybe the main TX is just 
on the fritz and WKOX is running 1 kW ND days using what 
is probably the auxiliary day/alternate-main night TX.

Come to think of it, though, the night signal also seems 
weaker. I wonder if WKOX has received special temporary 
authority to operate from its proposed site--the WUNR 
site--using more or less its current licensed facilities 
(10 kW-D/1 kW-N DA-N). With the concurrence of WUNR and 
the FCC, such an operation should easily be possible 
from the existing WUNR towers. To do it, WKOX would 
presumably have to move its 10-kW TX to Newton, which 
might explain an apparent power reduction while work was 
in progress. This really sounds unlikely to me, though.

> I've also noticed that WKOX-AM 1200 Framingham is also 
> down during daylight hours when it should be 10kw NDA.