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Re: Morning radio shows

Oops! I should have remembered Matt Siegel, too (I
think he just celebrated 20 years on Kiss 108)...

--- hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:
(This listener usually
> drives of the road in anger if I listen to NPR
> (National Proletariat Radio) for more than 60
> seconds.

And _this_ listener is not too crazy about pledge
drives on public radio. Sometimes I listen to the
public stations for folk or blues, or people elsewhere
send me tapes of similar public stations. Yikes, the
beg-a-thons wouldn't stop. I guess
they do need their money (poor WBUR has to scrape
by on $19 million a year)...

WKSU-FM (Kent, OH): normally superb folk show was
converted to "play two songs and then talk for 10
minutes about buying flowers for Valentine's Day with
WKSU getting some/all of the proceeds" (their folk
show is so good that maybe it's all worth it, but
the begging lasted so long; fortunately I was
listening on tape so it was the fast-forward button
for me).

KCRW (Santa Monica, CA): flagship station for "le
Show", Harry Shearer's great political satire show.
But Shearer was continually interrupted by begging.
(For the record, Shearer does his show for free
and yet does as good a job as he does doing all
those voices on "The Simpsons")

KNON (Ft. Worth, TX): Host of blues show was reduced
to "please give or this show will be history" and
"the more calls I get, the sooner we get back to the
music. If we don't get calls I'll just have to keep
talking to get you to call". 

--Bob Nelson,who has spent 20 years
at a college station that does NOT
do beg-athons and who makes about
$200,000 less than Chris Lydon
(read: "zero") :)

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