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Re: WGBH sells "This Old House" to AOL Time Warner

> On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:27:33 -0500 "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net>
> writes:
> >
> > Turning to the audio spectrum, does the Beeb pay?  Curious what the
> > World Service would pay American talent to correspond from stateside
> > or
> > across the pond.
> >
> > Bill O'Neill
> It appears the Beeb pays pretty well,  I got a $70 check from them for
> 2 minute debrief on the World Service.
> DF

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The things we do for radio.  Dave, Dave.  I wouldn't drop the briefs for
that kind of dough.  <g>
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File under: It's okay, Ma'am, he's a professional.

Bill O'Neill