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WNSX 97.7 now "The Fox"

Starting  earlier this week WNSX 97.7 Winter Harbor  ME began  relaying
co-owned WFCX 101.7 (formerly WBYA) Searsport/Bangor.

The two stations now call themselves "The FOX at 101.7 and 97.7."  The
format is "Classic Rock"  seeming to be pretty heavy 80s and 90s album
cuts. Top of the hour legal ID states WFCX Searsport/Bangor, WNSX Winter
Harbor/Bar Harbor.

This format may actually play out quite well, here in down-east Maine.
No other station really airs this specific format outside of Bangor, and
WNSX does put out a good solid signal  along the Down-East coast to
Jonesport and Machias. (Although during my last trip to Eastport a
couple of weeks back CKWM 97.7 Kentville NS, was putting  in a
surprisingly good signal from across the Bay of Fundy creating  some
co-channel intereference in the Lubec Eastport area)

Formerly co-owned WMDI Bar Harbor 107.7 is still running its'
alternative format, although latest reports indicate  that it will
become WBQI and join the rest of the "W-BACH" network in April. They
have been advertising in local paper for sales reps for their "Future
Bar Harbor studio offices",

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine