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Re: Morning radio shows

Boston Radio Mornings (I'm sure i'll get corrected on those I miss)

AM Dial
WRKO (680 AM) Peter Blute (former US Congressman) 5:30-9 Talk Show, formerly w/ Andy Moes as co-host until his untimely death.
WEEI (850 AM) John Dennis-Gerry Callahan 6-10 Sports-oriented Talk Show (though they will discuss news of the day..they get lattitude for non-sports issues that the rest of the 'EEI personalities are very rarely allowed).
WBZ (1030 AM) News!
There are other AM stations with morning shows that are marketed as "Boston" stations, but the ratings are nearly nil (WEZE-590 is Religion; WBIX-1060 is Business Talk; WILD-1090 is Classic R&B with a bird-fed AM show, WMKI-1260 is Disney all day, and WSZE-1510 is bird-fed sports all day...and plenty of other low power area signals)
Commerical FM Dial
WTKK (96.9 FM) is Boston's Imus outlet
WBCN(104.1 FM) is Stern
All the other Boston metro FM Stations have Morning Teams of People that play various quantities of music, from virtually none (that a lot of folks listen to)(Matt Seigal on WXKS-FM 107.9 FM /"Kiss 108)
to a lot that few folks listen to (Daivd O'Leary on WBOS 92.9 FM)

Other include...
Charlie Wilde et al "The Wilde Thing" on WQSX 93.7 FM (Star 93.7)
Baltazar & Pebbles on WJMN 94.5 FM (Jammin' 94.5)
John Lander et al on WBMX 98.5 FM (Mix 98.5)
"J.W." (John Willis) on WKLB-FM 99.5 FM (Country 99.5)
Is it TAI? (Tom A Irwin) I think on WZLX 100.7 FM (classic Rock)
I don't remember? on WFNX 101.7 FM (Modern Rock) 
I don't know????? on WCRB 102.5 FM (Classical)
Paul Perry et al on WODS 103.3 FM (Oldies 103.3)
Lorne and Wally (Next to Matt Seigal, the longest continuous running morning show in Boston, commercial radio wise anyway) on WROR 105.7 FM (Was Rockin' Hits of the '60s and '70s, I forget the new liner) 
Mike Addams on WMJX 106.7 FM (Magic 106.7)
and I forget who on WAAF 107.3 FM (Modern Rock)

I'm sure there will be many higher level audiofiles than myself that will fill in the missing pieces, including the non-com FMs (This listener usually drives of the road in anger if I listen to NPR (National Proletariat Radio) for more than 60 seconds.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH (Works in Boston)

Don Saklad <dsaklad@gnu.org> wrote:
> Besides WBCN-FM Stern from New York,
1. what other
   morning radio shows are available around
   the Boston radio dial and

2. what qualities
   do the shows have that interest their
   listeners compared among one another?...