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Re: Morning radio shows

Well, there's:
WRKO Peter Blute (and he will soon have a co-host,
as co-host Andy Moes passed away on Jan. 25)
Political and other current talk.

WEEI John Dennis & Gerry Callahan
"guy talk"-- sports, current events, comedy;
kidding around with sports update guy Jon Meterparel

WROR Loren and Wally
music and comedy shtick

WZLX Tai and Steve Sweeney--former WFNX morning guy
and local comic try to fill the big shoes of
Charles Laquidara, who rolled up his "Big Mattress"
in August

WTKK Don Imus  another New York-based show

I can't really say too much what qualities they have
other than to say comedy often plays a part (for
the poor shmucks stuck in traffic), and their talk
of news/current events is tailored toward their
core audience. 

--- Don Saklad <dsaklad@gnu.org> wrote:
> Besides WBCN-FM Stern from New York,
> 1. what other
>    morning radio shows are available around
>    the Boston radio dial and
> 2. what qualities
>    do the shows have that interest their
>    listeners compared among one another?...

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