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Re: Re: WBUR Connection

Don Saklad <dsaklad@gnu.org> wrote:
> What other talk shows, of any quality, can
are available around the local Boston dial
WBZ Brudnoy
WRKO Blute
The avuncular WRKO Art Bell
That Saturday or Sunday lawyer WBZ ? or WRKO ?
That Saturday or Sunday financial advisor WBZ ? or WRKO ?
That Saturday or Sunday doctor WBZ ? or WRKO ?


I happen to like Jay Severin at WTKK(FM) 
(There are also "local-only" shows on WTKK, Mike Barnicle 10A-12N and the Braude-Eagan show 12N-3P (Braude is jsut SO left-wing as to be unlistenable to this conservative...but it is local talk)

WRKO also now has "local-only" 9A-12N with the "Two ????" show

So weekdays, on the Boston comercial dial, there's "local-only" non-sports talk on:

WRKO 5:30AM-12:00Noon
WBZ 7:00PM-5:00AM
WTKK(FM) 10:00AM-8:00PM

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH