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Re: WBUR Connection

I suspect that you might have to add a couple of the shows on WBIX--Steve
Weisman and Upton Bell and maybe the mid-morning show with the two guys who
write the column in the Globe financial section. However, none of these and
none of the ones you've mentioned comes within a decimal order of magnitude
of being as riveting as The Connection--with or without Lydon.

The Sunday lawyer (Neil Chayett) is on WBZ.

The Saturday AND Sunday financial advisor (Bob Brinker) is on WRKO and is
nationally syndicated by ABC. Can't vouch for his advice; I think he has a
good track record, but he's needed a l-o-o-o-ng vacation from radio for
about the last decade. Also, until Laura Slessinger came along, he held some
sort of record for abusing his callers.

The physician (Dean Edell) is on WRKO, but I'm not sure of the day or who
syndicates him nationally. The show originates in San Francisco five days a
week (at KNBR, I believe). WRKO carries a very small percentage of
everything the syndicator provides and everything you hear here is delayed.

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>What other talk shows, of any quality, can
>are available around the local Boston dial
>WBZ Brudnoy
>WRKO Blute
>The avuncular WRKO Art Bell
>That Saturday or Sunday lawyer WBZ ? or WRKO ?
>That Saturday or Sunday financial advisor WBZ ? or WRKO ?
>That Saturday or Sunday doctor WBZ ? or WRKO ?