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Re: The Connection without Chris Lydon

On 21 Feb 2001,  Dan Strassberg wrote:

Still, I think
> that Jane Christo (ogre though she may be), Oakes, and whoever is producing
> the show are giving Lydon et al a lot to think about. The crew that wanted
> to own 60% of the show absolutely isn't indispensible. WBUR doesn't need
> them to field a thoroughly thought-provoking program focused on the most
> esoteric of subjects--and the type of radio you'll never hear on commercial
> stations.
I heard The Connection once earlier this week, and I also was impressed.  
I suspect that was the whole idea of the forced paid vacation: to show 
some people just how well WBUR could get along without them.  It was 
certainly a clever move.

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