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The Connection without Chris Lydon

I've known for some time that Bob Oakes is a true radio pro, but I'm blown
away by his stewardship of The Connection. Yes, he lacks Lydon's stentorian
tones and he hasn't yet warmed to the degree that Lydon seems to to the
ideas of the, as always, very literate and articulate callers. Moreover,
whoever is producing the show seems bent on a tighter and somewhat faster
pace than Lydon's producer seemed to prefer. The faster pace may not be
completely in keeping with The Connection's thoughtful tone. Still, I think
that Jane Christo (ogre though she may be), Oakes, and whoever is producing
the show are giving Lydon et al a lot to think about. The crew that wanted
to own 60% of the show absolutely isn't indispensible. WBUR doesn't need
them to field a thoroughly thought-provoking program focused on the most
esoteric of subjects--and the type of radio you'll never hear on commercial

I never imagined being transfixed by a discussion of the paintings of a
19th-century Norwegian painter that I've never heard of. whose works I've
never seen, and whose name I can't spell.


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