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Re: WBUR Connection

WBUR Connection production values could be improved
by better communication and preparation for the breaks
that invariably interrupt the proceedings jarringly.

Even if required there are more smooth ways to break.
On the other hand it is not a commercial station.

Interactivity of WBUR Connection could be improved.
Callers rejected by call screeners could be offered an
improved format for the web forms with a searching
tool that works better.

WBUR Forums site index could be more detailed.

Call screeners could be more knowledgeable about the
topic to ensure callers are not rejected because the
call screener failed to understand the proposed
question or comment. It is not hard to find people who
have called the WBUR Connection and got rejected by a
call screener who did not know the topic well enough.

Local Boston concerns have given way with the
syndication of the broadcast. That made the broadcast
part of the circle of broadcasts that get the same
authors interviewed on Fresh Air.