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Re: my 20th anniversary at WMWM

Thanks, and glad you've been at WBIM so long!

--- Peter George <radiojunkie3@yahoo.com> wrote:
>      You have a right to celebrate, Bob!!
> Congratulations on 20 years at WMWM-FM.  >      

Needless to say, we
> at
> 'BIM were relieved when you guys came back to the
> air
> in March, 1981.

Yes, the FCC kept giving us extensions but we HAD
to be back on by March 12. We got back on the night
of March 11. If we'd missed the deadline, I'm sure
another area school like Endicott or North Shore
Comm. College could have grabbed our frequency.

>      Every Homecoming weekend (October) we have a
> Alumni Takeover where old 'BIM Jocks run the station
> all weekend long.  It keeps the roots in place.  

Great! Will check out the WBIM site. I don't believe
WMWM has a history section on their page
(http://wmwm.star.net) but maybe that's something I
could do. For the record, there are two DJs who lasted
about 9 years, Steve Lochiatto and Scott Merrill,
and the hosts of "Uncle Henry's Basement" have been
there for about 10 years or so. Thanks again--Bob

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