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Bangor Maine Patern of Power

Is it my imagination or are two of Bangor Maine's
radios station staying in day pattern and/or power
when they have local/regional sports on in the

WZON 620 hardly ever comes in in Derry NH except when
local sports (H.S. basketball I think). This I've
noticed two or three times recently. The post game
show ends, maybe around 9-9:30 pm and they're gone.

I noticed on one of the same evenings the WZON was
coming in, the WABI 910 was running Maine Blackbears
Hockey, if my dim mind serves me correctly.

On 620 I usually get Burlington/Plattsburg or New
910 is usually a big mess, but sometimes
Claremont/Lebanon/White River Jct comes through the

In all the cases of my Maine receptions, the signals
were quite good without corresponding unusually good
or different reception from Maine on other

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