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Re: my 20th anniversary at WMWM

     You have a right to celebrate, Bob!!
Congratulations on 20 years at WMWM-FM.  I have been
involved with your sister station WBIM-FM at
Bridgewater State College since December, 1979 (nearly
23 years).  I currently serve as Chief Engineer at
WBIM-FM and loving every minute of it. 
     I recall the time when WMWM got "zorched" in the
fall of 1980.  I was a regular listener while living
in Weymouth.  We got a good signal from Salem due to
the waterpath.  Of course when UMass fired up, WMWM
was a memory.  We did keep tabs on the progress of
getting WMWM back on the air.  Needless to say, we at
'BIM were relieved when you guys came back to the air
in March, 1981.
     At 'BIM, we were getting ready for our power
increase for nearly two years.  I had the pleasure of
firing up our new 180 watt transmitter at 3:00 pm on
4/2/82.  Three months later we went Stereo at 6:00 pm
with Queen's "Body Language" on 7/7/82.  Today, we've
a nice transmitter facility with a 250 watt (throttled
down to 150 watts TPO) BE transmitter.
     Every Homecoming weekend (October) we have a
Alumni Takeover where old 'BIM Jocks run the station
all weekend long.  It keeps the roots in place.  If
you have a chance to visit the WBIM website
(http://www.bridgew.edu/wbim) click on the the history
section.  If you have audio, check out the live
     Congratulations again on 20 years at WMWM.  73!


Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Chief Engineer, WBIM-FM
Bridgewater State College

--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Shameless self-promotion:
> It doesn't happen often--a college radio DJ spending
> 20 years at the same station. Greg Reibman did it at
> WMBR. And now I am about to do it. My first show
> was on March 12, 1981 and I will celebrate my 20th
> anniversary at WMWM on Sunday, March 11 from 12-3 pm
> on 91.7 FM in Salem!
> I will play the usual blues plus some old promos
> and even an hour or so of non-blues stuff ranging
> from the Turtles to 80s new wave. Since most college
> DJs only spend a few short years at their stations,
> it's rare that someone (like me) can be about to
> start a third decade of broadcasting.
> It's been fun being a DJ all these years. I trained
> as
> a DJ in the fall of 1980 but couldn't get on till
> March of '81 because our antenna fell down, sending
> a
> shock wave which fried our transmitter and board. We
> came within one day of losing our license for being
> off
> so long. First song played : Gary Numan, "Praying to
> the Aliens". Time slots: all sorts of them. Music
> played: alternative rock, blues, folk, country,
> jazz, reggae, R&B, and more.
> Seems like just yesterday that I was in the old
> Sullivan Building studios of WMWM (we have been in
> College Union since 1984) and our old UPI teletype
> was giving updates on the shooting of President
> Reagan (March, 1981). And I remember us getting a
> newfangled device called a "CD Player". Hard to
> believe, but some of our current DJs may not have
> been born yet when I did my first show!

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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