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Re: Changes at Nh and ME Public Broadcasting

Marriage between 1st cousins is also legal in the peoples republic of Massachusetts!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> People have been questioning some of the changes at the 
Maine Public Radio Network, and now the New Hampshire 
Public Radio network.  Well, I think I have the 
The Boston Globe printed a small Associated Press
story over the weekend reporting that marriages 
between first cousins may be allowed in NH as
they have been for a while in Maine.  MPBN and
NHPR are simply gearing their programming to appeal
to the army if mental defectives that will soon be
denizens of the Dumb-as-a-Pine Tree and Live Stupid
or Die states!

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA
(ok my home state encourages inbreeding by the
Kennedy clan)

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