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Re: A gentle reminder

On 14 Feb 2001, at 3:44, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> I'd be interested if there are any other free mail services that allow you
> to access your mail like a POP3 account....so you can use your regular
> e-mail program to access them.
> I know yahoomail (the one I am using) allows you to pick up the mail with
> outlook express.....are there others that allow pop3 access to their mail?
> I dislike getting my mail on a web page...it's slow and clunky.  But part of
> the reason they offer you fre mail is to get you to see ads on the web page.
> Anyonyone know of any other free pop3-type mail offerings?
> Thanks!
> JP

Pegasus Mail.   Its freeware and I swear by it.  Totally compatible 
with your browser and a lot more secure than Outlook Express or 
most other programs.  

Dan Cole