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Re: How to deal with difficult reception in downtown Boston.

Rob Landry wrote:

> This can be done by cutting a 1/4-wave long
> piece of coax for each station you want to filter out and attaching it
> to the antenna terminals of your radio in parallel with the actual
> antenna. The far end of the coax pieces must be open (i.e. not
> and they must be cut precisely (the best way is to use a receiver with
> a signal strength meter and trim for a minimum while tuned to an
> offending signal). I've been able to achieve about 40 dB of
> using this method.

I understand you can use 300-ohm twin lead, too.  I believe I read
that you cut the twin-lead overly long, wrap a small band of aluminum
foil around
it and slide to adjust. When the best attenuation is found, cut the
twin-lead at the foil.
Anybody confirm this?

Roger Kirk