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Power Increase Beyond Class of Station

The power increase of WLNH-FM 98.3, Laconia, NH that was
discussed on LTAR and mentioned by Scottso on NERW is
to the best of my recollection the only power increase
beyond the limits of an FM frequency's class.  98.3
is assigned to stations on the terms that you can never 
become more powerful than 6 kw @ 328 feet...but WLNH
will exceed that.  Can other Class-A's do the same at
will?  Will we see WFNX  101.7 or WBOQ 104.9 or other
stations around New England or the USA follow suit?
What we need is for a millionaire Harvard graduate to 
buy the 95.3 on Agamenticus Hill, Maine, shut it down
and underwrite a power increase for WHRB in the

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

PPRoC means "Peoples Republic of Cambridge for you outlanders.

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