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How to further improve Boston radio announcing.

1. Are there any other musical theater broadcasts on
   other Boston area radio stations during the week or
   on the weekends?...

2. Emerson College needs to provide better reference
   sources and resources for broadcasters, for example
   the Saturday morning WERS-FM 88.9 Standing Room Only
   musical theater broadcast could use a more informed
   patter read or digested from musical theater books
   or the web.

   That innane announcing detracts from the art of the
   musical theater

3. The Emerson College broadcast Standing Room Only
   could use more recordings from the Hasty Pudding
   Musicals and from those one time extravagant musical
   theater performances composed for various industries
   annual corporate conferences by leading composers
   and writers.

What are your comments, feedback, attacks, suggestions,
dissent, disagreement, kibbitzing and questions with
regard to 1, 2 and 3 !

oo-- dWs