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Re: How to set up a grid for Boston radio programming

Nobody has done those for radio stations for decades. The only radio
stations for which a grid would be of much value are those with "variety"
formats, and the conventional wisdom is that nobody listens to those
stations anyhow. The Globe used to run a (woefully inaccurate and
out-of-date) list of station formats in its Sunday TV magazine. I haven't
checked to see whether the Globe still does that. Such a listing, whether
accurate or inaccurate, takes a lot less space and a lot less work to keep
up-to-date than the kind of grid you are talking about. Still, the Globe
always managed to make hamburger out of even the smaller amount of effort.


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Subject: How to set up a grid for Boston radio programming

>Would there be anything like a grid for Boston radio
>programming approaching something like the grid for
>Boston area television programming