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Re: How to further improve Boston radio announcing.

>2. Emerson College needs to provide better reference
>    sources and resources for broadcasters, for example
>    the Saturday morning WERS-FM 88.9 Standing Room Only
>    musical theater broadcast could use a more informed
>    patter read or digested from musical theater books
>    or the web.
>    That innane announcing detracts from the art of the
>    musical theater
>    http://www.wers.org/programs.htm

I agree that the announcing on SRO could use improvement.  It was 
much better when there was just one announcer, now that they have two 
or three in becomes too much of a gabfest.

But remember, these are just college kids who are learning.  But, I 
think they could use some more professional guidance at times.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH