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Nashua-based news anchor Ernie Anastos says he misses Nashua

This just in: former Nashua-based news anchor Ernie
Anastos says he misses Nashua.
Anastos, the prestigious Emmy-award winning news 
personality who has just signed a multi-year contract
with WCBS-TV as weeknight anchor, told The Nashua
Based Weekly Newspaper, the 1590 Broadcaster, last
week that even though millions of viewers watch him
nightly in New York, he still feels as if he is
broadcasting locally.

The career of Ernie Anastos is nothing short of 
amazing.  His resume, a long list of radio and
television call letters, is perhaps one of the
greatest currently in the broadcasting industry. 
After leading WCBS-TV to number one ratings in the
early 1990s, Anastos joined WABC-TVís Eyewitness News
where he was successful for more than a decade. 
Previously, he also worked at WRKO in Boston, WROR-
FM, and Channel 7.

COMPLETE STORY AT: (At least for now!)

Gee, I just don't remember this guy from my thirty
years in Nashua! (or do I ???)

Derry NH

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