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re NERW Why CKGM isn t going sports


I had forgotten about this but Standard Broadcasting is buying the CHUM
Ltd properties in Montreal. CJAD is trying to work out a deal with the
Expos and possibly would use CKGM for sports overflow.

I suppose it is possible that once Standard takes control of CKGM that
they may consider joing the sports network that CHUM is setting up.

I'm wondering if CHUM will continue to voice track oldies stations in
Canada now that 1050 itself is flipping.

from NERW
NERW wonders why CHUM isn't flipping two of its other AM markets,
especially Montreal, where CKGM (990) has gone nowhere with its oldies
format. We're a bit less surprised not to see Windsor on the list,
considering that both CKWW (580) and CKLW (800) are doing well with their
present standards and talk formats, respectively -- and just across the
Detroit River, there are no fewer than THREE sports stations serving the
Motor City already!